Friday, July 23, 2010

Pistons Trade Dreams: Chris Paul

So, Chris Paul unofficially demands a trade out of New Orleans (source Yahoo!Sports)! Well, let's dream!
The Hornets ownership will not get bac equal value, there's just no way that is going to work for them, but I will propose something that will give them back good value and at the same time two expiring contracts.

As you can see, the Pistons would offer two expiring contracts in Tayshaun Prince and Rodney Stuckey. It would open up the 1-guard for Darren Collison and enable Stuckey to play the 2-guard. Tayshaun is such a versatile player that he'll fit with any team he plays for. If you want you can talk about draft picks too, but not necessarily. Although I'd hate to see Prince go, if you can work a trade for Chris Paul, you can't pass it up! Even Joey D, who is so fond of Stuck, would pull the trigger!

Chris Paul would be a great PG and franchise player complementing the skills of the other players as a distributor and facilitator enabling Ben Gordon and Charlie V to get open looks from the perimeter. Paul's also a terrific defender and has great leadership, he would easily carry the Pistons back into the playoffs all by himself, but as the roster is currently constructed, the Pistons might even make the second round.

So let's keep on dreaming!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Pistons Trading for *gulp* Eddy Curry???

Ok, I just found this quote from the Yahoo! Sports' Suicide Lines from a Marc Berman quote of the New York Post:

"According to a person familiar with the Knicks' thinking, the club will explore trading Wilson Chandler, possibly packaging him with the expiring contract of Eddy Curry. The Knicks would love to trade for a premier outside-shooting big man."

My question is, should the Pistons do this? I mean, call me crazy! Call me stupid! But should we do this? Wilson Chandler is actually a likeable guy with horrible shot selection. He is also rather athletic, but doesn't really know how to use it. Then, well, Eddy Curry, he's Eddy Curry ... talented but overweight all the same. He could've been a special and dominant Center, but chose to have his meals at McDonald's instead of hiring a dietician for the $10 Mio dollars he got for playing all of 56 minutes last year (@ Knicks president: If you pay a guy that much, at least make him work for it somehow, make him wash clothes or stupid stuff like that).
Then again, Eddy Curry is an expiring contract.

So why should Joey D consider it? Well, here are five reasons, enjoy!

1) It's an expiring contract worth about $11 Mio and next years free agent market is not completely unattractive (Melo anyone?). Also, you can use the contract in another trade if you'd like to, if another team should be wanting to ditch some salary and get rid of a good player, who are we to deny them???

2) They want a sweet shooting big who doesn't play defense and fits Mike D'Antoni??? Ladies and Gentlemen, you have found yourself a Charlie Villanueva! I like the guy, I believe he will be better this year than last year, he will never (EVER) be a tough player, and we need tougher players. He is a finesse Forward! He would flourish in D'Antoni's system while the Knicks could go with Amaré, C-Nuv and Danilo which would make an offensively explosive trio.

3) Moving C-Nuv would open up playing time for Jonas Jerebko, Jason Maxiell and Greg Monroe. I'm not sold on the idea that Monroe will be a Center in this league and I would like to see him get some minutes at the four. We always do have Chris Wilcox, so the Pistons are stacked at the 4 as it is, we have skilled players for this position I don't see us needing Villanueva.

4) I actually hate to bring this point up, but Eddy Curry still is a Center with huge potential and great moves offensively. If Coach Q could somehow get him to shed some weight and be a player again, he could really help this squad. He used to be a 20 points, 10 rebounds guy, if we could make him a 10 and 7 guy with occasional defense, he would be a nice upgrade.

5) Curry is in a contract year, so he might be extra-motivated to prove he can still be a good Center in this league.

I see this as a low risk, high reward trade. If it doesn't work out, we'll have cap space, if it works out and Curry actually realizes his potential, we'll have a good Center. That's why I think Joey D should take a closer look at this scenario!