Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Letter to Lebron

Hey Lebron,

I heard your Cavs are trying to acquire Stoudemire, or Tory Murphy as a plan B.

If I were you, Lebron, I'd like the development. If this proves one thing to you it's that your GM Danny Ferry is doing everything he can to create a championship team. So, I'm thinking, Lebron, keep the pressure on. If you do decide to re-sign with Cleveland sign a two-year deal. They are not going to say "No! We've got a better alternative than you." If you want to gamble higher Mr. James, ask for a 4-year contract with a yearly opt-out clause, this way you could leave Cleveland after each season if you think they are not doing well enough. I know it's about loyalty, but one-year contracts are not that rare in a world outside of basketball and I want you to understand, you are in a position of power. They are going to give you anything you ask for if you just sign a contract for next season.
You don't cheat on them and you are actually loyal. It's their turn, they have to keep you happy, you say your priority is winning championships and if Danny doesn't give you the pieces then leave. Go play with your buddy Dwyane or some other cats. Go see the spotlight in New York, play for your man Jay-Z, go to LA and play for Phil. You got endless possibilities man, use them!!! I'm not your agent, but that's what you should do.

Sincerely yours,

Jakob Eich

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