Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Defensive adjustments propel Bulls past Pistons

First off, condolences to Joe Dumars since his brother past away at the age of 49.

The game had two halves, which usually holds true. In this case, it really had two halves. The Bulls played horrible basketball in the first. Lazy on offense, lazy on defense, allowing Detroit open looks and the Pistons actually did a nice job hindering penetration.

You can say all you want that we lost the game because of inferior players on the court, in this case, the Pistons got out-coached in this game once again. I know I'm not a Kuester supporter and I'm not yelling "Fire him!" yet. Tom Thibodeau is one of the best coaches in the league, period! The defensive adjustments he made during halftime were magnificent, a display of how a coach can reach his players and control the game in so many different ways. Of course it helps to have a guy named Derrick Rose around, but still. Oh, and D-Rose did this

via NBA.com

After giving up 55 points in the first half, the Pistons only scored 27 more to finish the game with 82. The Bulls took away passing lanes, switched Deng onto McGrady and inserted Kurt Thomas. Thomas might be old, but he is a veteran and he never misses a rotation and is effective despite his age. I love to watch those kind of players. Throw in a little Ronnie Brewer all-around effort and you got a great second half.

The Pistons were over-matched, but teams usually struggle when your two best scorers (Gordon, Rip) go 2-for-15 from the field. McGrady and Austin Daye picked up the scoring load in the first half. In the second half Kuester tried to get Tayshaun Prince mor involved, as Prince missed his first five shots and let Chicago back into the game. Those were shots he usually makes, so we should be fine with that.

Our Pistons won't go anywhere this season. It is almost laughable that we are only three games out of a playoff spot. I do not want us in the playoffs! What is the thrill? Get beat up badly by Miami, Boston or Orlando and go home without a lottery pick? I do not encourage tanking the season, in our circumstances we would be better off with another lottery pick. Again, I do not want us to tank! I do not think we have a shot at the playoffs anyway.

If Kuester plays Daye, Monroe and other young players this much, I can take the losing. I enjoyed watching Daye last night and how he showed so much confidence in the first half and even in the second half. Shots will not always fall, but as long as he tries, I am alright with it. I enjoy watching Monroe get double-doubles on a nightly basis. I doubt a turn-around will happen soon, so let's just look at the little things.

SIDE NOTE: Chicago's announcers went on and on about how great a bench we have. Detroit actually has the highest scoring bench in basketball right now! We have three starters who come off the bench (Rip, Tracy, Wilcox). We just need a first-unit that outscores other teams first-units.

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