Thursday, December 10, 2009

Other thoughts on the night

Did you see Trevor Ariza's reverse slam? - To me, that's the dunk of the night! Yeah, Josh Smith was nice, and Shannon Brown, but come on! It's an in-game, no fast-break, reverse slam dunk? If Lebron had done that it would've been the Top 10 play of the year. Show some love for this guy, he's really doing a fine job for that Houston team.

Mike Brown's ejection
- at about the 0:48 mark in the highlight video you see the play Cavs coach Mike Brown got so upset about. I'm thinking, really? You think that's a foul. To me that's great defense and a superstar trying to get a foul call. I just had a refereeing workshop, so I'm looking for this kind of stuff. Shane Battier is standing straight up, arms straight up (not all straight, but ok) and Lebron is trying too hard to create the contact. He's going into Battier for the contact although Battier has a defensive position. The Cavs seem to get more fair-skinned again. After winning so many games they've dropped two in a row to Memphis and Houston! All I want to say is, great job by the ref! It needs to be said from time to time!

Why the hell didn't Manu's play (at 2:00) get into the Daily Top 10??? - Look how smooth it is. Dribbling down the court, turning around, reading the defense, crossing it over and slamming it home. If that's not Top 10 worthy I seriously don't know what is!

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