Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Another loss

Hey guys,

The Pistons are in the midst of an 8-game losing streak. Next game up against the Chicago Bulls. A win would feel good at some point. During my last post I was still talking about possible playoffs, now it looks like we are heading straight into deep lottery land triggering me to look, which possible draft pick we might get although I don't think of next years draft class features a real good big man but that's definitely what Joe Dumars should go far. I usually say go for the best player available, but Detroit doesn't really have a need for another guard or forward, we are good in those departments.

The Pistons have been digging themselves into deep holes of late. I know they are tired and since Rip and Tay have returned they have to figure everything out. What looked like a promising start now looks like a season of adjusting and hoping that'll get better soon. The team has shown lots of potential especially during the 5-game winning streak but most of the time they get behind, try to recover and fall just short which is a lot harder on your body than being in the game or losing by 30. Comebacks take a lot of effort and the Pistons aren't deep enough to do that night in and night out even with Rip and Tay back.

We get more out of the positions 1-3 than we thought we would. The backcourt production has been great and when everybody's healthy I think we have one of the best and deepest backcourts in the league.
It hurts me to say this, but Charlie has been a huge disappointment. I wasn't as much a fan of his signing than with Gordon's. I see C-Nuv as a Sixth Man on a championship team but he's not a go-to-guy everygame, he takes games off, maybe he'll get better and more consistent, but basically at this stage of his career, he is what he is. He's similar to Rasheed, just not as skilled and competetive. Ben Wallace has been great, but if you wanna go back to the East's elite, do we wanna put our faith into a 36-year-old, undersized Center? Keep him, but we need an upgrade, we can still use him as a sparl defensively. A bench that consists of Bynum, Gordon, C-Nuv, Jerebko and Ben Wallace would sound pretty good to me. All we need is two more players and we are good if everybody stays healthy, which has been the biggest problem.

We also need a leader. Nobody could foresee the impact the Billups trade would have and we aren't gonna get another Mr. Big Shot who's floor general as much as him. Stuckey is nice but he's not gonna be like Chauncey.

I still don't see the Pistons being that far away from contending. All we need is bigger bodies to switch it up once in a while and give defenses different looks once in a while. Or, to put it another way, we could be one Lebron, Bosh or Wade away. If we keep playing like this I'm sure Joey D will try to create cap space for next summer.

Give me your thoughts on it!

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