Friday, August 27, 2010

Trading for Melo

The rumor has been swimming around (nice metaphor to start this off) that the Denver Nuggets might be inclined to trade their star, Carmelo Anthony. I know this is probably post number 500 what trade Joey D should make in which he would acquire a player he passed on on in order to draft Darko Milicic, but I'll just tell you why it makes sense for both teams, to do this trade, even IF Melo should sign with the Knicks next summer or won't extend his contract beyond the season.

Let's start with the actual trade. The Pistons give up Tay and Rip while the Pistons get JR Smith and Melo. This would the Pistons in contention in the Eastern Conference. The Nuggets want to trade both players and they both have expiring contracts, worth approximately $24 Mio. The Pistons would get two players that can score in bunches, which would probably help one of the worst offenses in the league, plus they get a great sixth man and both are capable of playing defense, although they don't always show that.
The Nuggets get two players of the Detroit championship year, so they wouldn't have to wonder at all if those guys will play together well. Honestly, which other scenario could practically guarantee that? CB and Rip once formed what can be called the best backcourt of the past decade. And Prince wasn't bad with them either. All of them would be thrilled to play together again and Rip and Tay would enjoy a bounce back season, if they stay healthy.

So, Tay's contract is running out too, the Nuggets could save his salary next season during a lockout if they choose to or re-sign him to a reasonable price. Detroit could take a shot at Melo, if they enjoy a great one-season run, maybe Melo doesn't think of Detroit as the worst fit, you know. If Greg Monroe develops into a reliable NBA center, Melo could think twice about leaving the D for the NYC spotlight. But even if he leaves, and Detroit doesn't sign either new addition next off season, it would clear $24 Mio of the books, giving Joe D another shot at re-modelling the roster.

Also, the last ten trades of the Pistons happened with the Nuggets, it feels like, so what the hell, go for it Joe! Although it would hurt to see both of them leave. I'd probably start liking Denver a lot more!

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