Sunday, November 14, 2010

Heat talking trades already??


I know it's early in the season, the Heat are 6-4 (6-0 against bad teams, 0-4 against good teams) so naturally, people will be looking for the weakest link, which, at this point iiiiiis Chris Bosh!

I've never been a fan of Chris Bosh, I don't look at him as a Top 10 player in this league. Why? Well, he doesn't play defense, at all ... Look at Rondo's dunk I've honestly never seen an elite player looking at someone while standing like a statue. He was in no position to defend Rondo even if he was 3'11". You gotta be better than that CB!!!

So, to give this guy some pressure so he'll level Rajon to the floor during the playoffs (just kidding, I love Rondo,don't want him to get hurt). I'm crying out for trades usually because I love trades. The excitement to see new players work together and how they fit together, you know, it just amazes me.

So, when I was looking for trade scenarios I was looking at what the Heat need and what they could do. Obviously CB can't be traded now, so it's all hypothetical. I never saw Bosh as a fit anyway, Wade and James were Jordan and Pippen (I figured it would chance every other game) but who would Bosh be?? Rodman? Yeah, right! I'd like the Heat to get two guys in return, maybe one energy Big Man and one true PG, that's what you can get for Bosh!

1. Bosh for Josh Smith and a PG
Ok, the Hawks have been doing ok. After a 6-0 start they've lost three in a row. Trade rumors have surrounded Smith pretty much all year. He would be the perfect fit, HE IS A RODMAN!! He's a great one on one defender, great shot blocker, a hard worker, if I just look how he developed from a nutscase to coveted player. He would get a lot of open looks and has proven he can knock down open jumpers, he's being criticized for those pull-ups and contested jumpers he's shooting way too often. This is the last year on his contract and the Hawks would probably pull the trigger if they got offered Chris Bosh because of his offensive potential. If Riles can get a PG out of the deal as well, it'd be perfect.

2. Bosh for Tyrus Thomas and 2 Boris Diaws
Again, that's an energy guy who doesn't need a lot of shots. He can knock down OPEN jumpers and has the athletic ability to change games. Throw in Diaw's expiring contract and even though he's way too heavy, he is an intelligent player who can make things happen by hitting cutters and slashers out of the high post. What are the biggest strengths of Wade and James? That's right, cutting and slashing!It's easy to score that way than off the dribble. Bosh might learn how to defend under Larry Brown. We've seen with guys like Rip Hamilton and Ray Allen that when players are put in the right system they show potential in areas you'd never thought they'd be good in.

3. Bosh for Gilbert Arenas and McGee
Energetic big man and an All-Star caliber Point Guard when healthy. Honestly, I wouldn't know how to stop the team if they made the trade happen. The Wiz would probably be hard-pressed to give up one of the rising Big Men in the league but they would get one of the most accomplished PF in the game. The Wizards haven't played defense ever since I can remember so why should their front office start caring now?

So, that's it for now! You see, I see the Heat with an energetic young PF and a better PG! Defense is an effort stat and CB is not putting in the effort. We'll see what happens in the upcoming weeks, but Chris, you gotta realize that, as long as you are the weakest link, people are starting to talk about trading you!

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