Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Flagrant Fouls

What's up with these flagrant fouls???

Alright, look! I know basketball is a competetive sport, these fouls though... The defenders are just out of position and push their opponents when they've just left the floor for a dunk, which is pretty much the most dangerous moment to push anyone. I don't know when that bacame common but I've never seen anyone do it before this season. I also remember Terrence Williams fouling James pretty hard, but then again, Terrence Williams is kind of a nutscase.

I like that Hilton Armstrong immediately tried to apologize and hadn't Juwan Howard pushed him he would've gotten to do just that. When he saw him falling down that hard he realized he just a classic "brainfart" and I think he's learned from that moment.

Howard needed to stand up for his teammate and it was a natural reaction to this kind of thing. I don't think neither Brand nor Armstrong wanted to hurt anyone, they just didn't want to give up an easy basket. When you are out of position by THAT MUCH, you've screwed up before and you want to compensate and both are classic examples of over-compensation.

I just think it's bad players try to cover up their mistakes by fouling so hard. Just let them dunk it and it's all good or try to block it and get dunked on ....

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