Monday, November 16, 2009

Brandon Jennings 55 points

Ok, I know it's a little late, but here's my take on it. It's impressive, yeah, everybody knows it.

But I wanna look at his European history! Look, this kid played in Italy for a year. I'm European, I know what European basketball is like. I've played in the states for a year, things are different. Practices in Europe are different, the coaches are different. I'm not saying all things are better, but I think European basketball is purer, the way basketball is supposed to be played. Players with raw skills don't get an opportunity in Europe. I remember my club used to play in the 3rd German league and we had a Center around 7'4"! He didn't play much because he changed the game too much offensively. He didn't have any moves so he was more of an distraction to the team concept. European basketball is simply not made for stars and athletes, about ball movement and Zone Defense. You won't see as many dunks, but if you enjoy watching disciplined basketball Europe is the right place.

So Jennings arrives in Europe. He's a baller, supremely talented but he comes to a team that doesn't want 19-year-old superstar, they want a contributor. SO he had to sit and learning and sometimes for players who are used to playing, it's not bad to just sit down and watch. They gotta be willing to learn though. You learn the game, you appreciate it from a whole other level. Sitting on a bench isn't necessarily a bad thing, if you use it to your advantage and you get out to play at some point. You see stuff, the players on the court can't realize. It's just the way it works. Also Jennings got an underdog mentality through all this, he wants to earn his playing time, he doesn't go to practice acting like a star, he goes there with the right attitude. He's always been a gym rat, but I really do believe Europe can do wonders for American High School Players.

Europeans are way more into details, technique, dribbling, shooting on all positions. American coaches are more about athletes. So combine these two philosophies and you have a great all around talent who will perform extraordinarily well.

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