Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kobe Bryant

Alright, first of all, sorry for not posting lately, but I've had the flu and was on vacation!
Watch this!

When I watch this video, I'm thinking: Isn't it time to seriously start the discussion whether Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan is the best of all time. Because honestly, the case gets better and better for Kobe. Say, if he wins one more championship, which appears likely, he'll have one less than Jordan, but in a stronger NBA. You can make the case that he won 3 of the rings with Shaq and wouldn't have won them without Shaq, but it's also fair to say that Shaq wouldn't have won two of the three without Kobe.
Kobe will probably be at least the third best scorer of all time, if not the second best. Him scoring that many points is more impressive to me than Jordan, because the defense nowadays is a lot more educated than back then, plus the zone defense makes it harder to score as an individual. Jordan was a terrific basketball player but if you look at these two, Kobe already has a lot to offer and i have no doubt that Kobe has at least 4 +20ppg seasons left in which he can accomplish a lot more. Bynum and Gasol will not get worse so everything is set up for Kobe to be the Great Player.

My point is, look at the video. It's a ten minute highlight reel and every play you think WOW! Kobe needs more MVP Trophies, but to be straight, he's not gonna get them. He's not well liked by the media, people like Wade, Paul and James better, and they are great players and more likable. Probably that's why Kobe won't ever be called the best player, he's the Black Mamba, who likes snakes?

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