Monday, January 4, 2010

Kobe's Clutch Performances

I know there's an ongoing debate whether you'd take Kobe over Lebron or Lebron over Kobe on your last possession. The debate has cooled off ever since Kobe won the championship and hit 3 gamewinners in 28 days (by the way two more than Mr. Iverson hit his entire career, go figure). But last night you see Lebron having a chance and he doesn't only miss the shot, he takes a bad shot.
It doesn't have to be Lebron's fault, but you know what's funny and what, to me, makes the difference? Lebron can take a bad shot at the end, Kobe can't ... Kobe has hit so many clutch shots, fadeaways, lefty three pointers, off one leg in Wade's face, a fade away in Yao's face, fadeaways from 35 feet out and so on. Just get him the ball with three seconds left and he'll get off a GOOD SHOT. No matter where he's at ...

Maybe Lebron has better stats, or even some other guys that you at least have to consider, and I'm not saying that every shot Kobe takes goes in. And it's a different question whether you'd take Lebron or Kobe to build a championship team (I'm still not sure, I'd go with Dwight Howard I guess) but last minute, tight game, I'd want to want Kobe on my team. No other player and no doubt! If you need further proof, check out the video below!

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