Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Doing Some Thinking

Today, I'm not gonna get into a lot of the game. It's beginning to become frustrating. When you have a double-digit lead on the road against the second best team in the West ... Just DON'T BLOW IT! I know they are trying but you just can't do it, know the losing streak is in double-digits and none of us wanted that to happen. Charlie V was hot but couldn't stop the longest losing streak in 15 years of Detroit Basketball. Last season looked bad, and this season ... well, it's not as big a mess teamwise, but we are losing even more so ... Maybe we can get something going sooner rather than later, otherwise we have to hope the lottery balls fall in our favor.
None of our starters played badly statwise, maybe Jerebko, although he was the only starter with a +3 for the game, the rest of the team (except for Gordon) had numbers below zero.

Some other thoughts on the league:

Kobe has a crazy left hand. Takes so much work ethic to shoot like that with the left hand.

Remember when Roy Hibbert was a sure shot Top 3-pick after his sophomore year at Georgetown, stayed two more years and dropped. You think he's gonna be a good center. He lit up Dwight Howard last night, more than that, frustrated him. How man 7'2" centers do you know who can hit the outside shot? I'm just saying he could be a nice pick up for a contender, like, say the Mavericks or Houston.

Jason Kidd's bounce pass was off the chain. How can you play that pass without looking passed Tayshaun's arms. Tay didn't even see the possibility of that pass until it was too late.

Never seen a better jump shot of a 7-footer than Nowitzki's. I'm German and I've seen him play a lot, but it's just so pure.

Next game up against the Spurs. Don't know how we'll handle Duncan, Big Ben couldn't really stop him or contain him in his prime, how is it gonna look this time around ...

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