Friday, January 15, 2010

Utah beats Cleveland at the Buzzer

Man this Sundiata Gaines is a feel-good story. A call-up and then he gets to attempt a game-winning shot and makes it. That's one helluvaguy! Postgame interview right here:

The Jazz belong right in the group of teams the Lakers don't want to face during the postseason. It's stunning, but LA has looked rather bad against other contenders. I'm not talking about Dallas btw. They've lost to a lot of good teams this year it seems. Last year they mainly lost against mediocre or bad teams because they weren't hustling. This year they've lost to Cleveland in LA, to San Antonio, to Houston and so forth.

But this Gaines guy. I like him. He's got confidence and I'll keep looking for him on the rosters. He seems to be a genuine guy who's travelled a lot to get to the NBA, playing for Idaho and in Italy so he deserves it. Great job by Brewer, I think it was him, passing the ball.

Money question: If you were a proven NBA player and you're down two with the game clock winding down, would you pass it to the guy on a 10-game-contract? Kobe could name two players he would possibly pass it to, but a D-League player? So nice job Ronnie!!!

So long!

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