Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pistons lose to Blazers

Man that was a tough loss last night. I don't think you get as many chances to tie the game with a three in the last 30 seconds or so as we did last night. Rip, Stuck and Charlie V all missed good looks, Stuckey's attempt was by far the closest while Rip was off by a far bit. Now we just have to get over this loss and start winning again. At least we were in the game right to the end and fought back after being down.
We've had a few comebacks this year, as Dan Feldman said it, but can't seem to win those comebacks which makes the comebacks burn down to wasted energy that we might need in other games or we could rest the injured players. This is where a go-to scorer like Gordon might help, a superstar doesn't hurt either of course, but I don't see one coming since we haven't had one (I'm not counting Iverson for obvious reasons) since Dumars took over as the GM and had a say in whether he wants one or if he doesn't. Maybe Stuckey will become one, to be honest though, he's at an age where he pretty much is what he is. He won't develop a whole anymore. He's a really good player and scoring point guard, if he doesn't learn how to shoot the three with consistency we won't be able to rely on him down the stretch on a daily basis. He will be able to close out some games and in others he will fail because when he can't get into the lane his abilities are off set by his short comings.

The fight wasn't a good thing, not entirely bad though. It shows that this team is still alive and wants to win and fight back whenever they can. It surprised me that it was Villanueva of all players since he always appears mild-mannered to me. Still I wonder if there's something wrong that aggrevates the players. Tay went off on John Kuester and I still haven't really figured out why. Tay is a quiet leader, I like that he's taking on the leadership role and that he doesn't take the losing, barking at the coach usually doesn't help all too much in my opinion. The Pistons teams off recent years have had trouble respecting coaches and I hope this isn't a start of something bad because Kuester has been doing a nice job thus far and I'd like to see what he can do with a healthy and improved roster.

When I said the Pistons were most likely to trade Rip I don't think that anymore. He's far too valuable to the team right now. He's the only guy who can facilitate the offense and get some assists for his teammates. So either we find a guy similar to Rips abilities, which would be bogus because why trade a player who's been within the organization for so long for a guy with the same abilities, or Tay is the odd man out. Tay is a great guy, but to be honest, he hasn't played great for several seasons. He's been bad in the postseason especially and his defense isn't what it used to be. I don't know what it is, but I'm afraid he'd be his old self for another, defense minded team like the Spurs, where he has big man who's protecting the rim. Nothing against Ben, he's just not a guy like Duncan or Shaq who protect the paint by their sheer size.

That should be it for today, have a nice Sunday!

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