Thursday, January 14, 2010

Winning again

What's up Guys!

I know I haven't kept up with my posting, but I had a lot of stuff to do, I still followed the Pistons but didn't make time for it so here we go.

We ended our 13-game losing streak. But guys, this is not over, we'll probably have a few more losing streaks to endure until we are competetive again. I don't see this team going anywhere right now, we'd a playoff contender if everybody was healthy, bumming around .500. Due to the injuries, we are nowhere close to that mark. Even if we were .500 or slightly above even, just getting into the playoffs is not what this organization is about. We want a championship and Joey D is building a contender. What is bothering me is that he doesn't know how he will do it so to me that's not the best of outlooks for the future. Maybe something will just pop up. Maybe we'll run into another Chauncey Billups, maybe Michael Jordan decides to trade Stackhouse for Hamilton again. On the other side, back then we at least had a guy like Stackhouse. Dumars will have to pull off a great move. I don't see Charlie Villanueva working in a defensive system. He's not going to be taught by Larry Brown.
You can say what you want, but Carlisle's and Brown's coaching of defense made the Pistons what they've been for the past years. Carlisle even taught Dirk Nowitzki a little bit of defense and that's gotta account for something right.
So either Dumars goes for natural defenders OR tries to get a coach who's really good at teaching defense. I realize that our biggest problem is scoring, and we have a bunch of great scorers supposively. Villanueva goes off at time just burrying three after three after three. And then he takes games off and is pretty much a no show. He's not that young anymore, he's not a player you can build a contender around. Ben Gordon would be a capable defender, but he's a little short for his position so he has problems at times.

I guess I'll just have to get used to the new team. First we have to get healthy and then the stock of the team and players is going to rise and everything will work itself out. I'm not crying for a trade, don't get me wrong, but we are a few moves (not that many) away from where we want to be. If we reach the lottery and get a decent pick (range 3-10) maybe Joe D can work his magic. Maybe there's a guy like Tyreke Evans, like Brandon Jennings, that'd be enough, then you can develop something. A lot of great players weren't drafted that high (I'm not saying Gilbert Arenas anymore) but Dirk Nowitzki was drafted 9th and Kobe 12th. Just being in the lottery is a great chance, we got Stuckey rather late, right? So there we have our window. We can draft, except for Milicic, Dumars has done a terrific job seeing talent and drafting it. Jonas Jerebko is the latest example.

So I put my trust in you Joe!!! And I'll just keep rooting for whatever team we currently have. And even if it gets worse, we will never be as bad as the Nets!

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